91TV brings together experienced and successful practitioners who share a collective belief in the effectiveness of school improvement, the primacy of performance management and the potential of new technology to enhance learning.

Welcome to 91TV

91TV Learners...

are proactive and work hard. Ask questions and find links between different themes, concepts and ideas. Set high standards and challenge themselves often. Are self aware and understand how they will improve. Try new things and embrace constructive criticism. 

91TV Leaders...

guide their peers and recognise when someone needs support. Challenge conventional thinking and are always looking for improvement. Take difficult decisions, informed by a strong moral compass. Are forward thinking and influential drivers of positive change. Are honest, hard working and resilient. 

91TV Citizens...

take and create opportunities to improve their community an environment. Care for their community and go the extra mile. Have a strong sense of belonging and believe in an inclusive and equitable community. Are empathetic, sociable and build relationships with people from all backgrounds. Understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Our Schools